Transport solutions

Availability and flexibility

The Gothia Tanker Alliance joins the forces of owners controlling a significant fleet, mainly trading in North West Europe.

A high percentage of ice classed vessels grants year-round access to the entire Baltic Sea, regardless of what Mother Nature may have in stock. Having passed that critical mass of vessels we can extend a high degree of availability and flexibility. Many of our ships are sisters, offering interchangeability when required to meet our clients’ needs.

The high standard of our vessels and experience of our crews ensures smooth turn-around in ports. A commercial mindset onboard our ships as well as in the office, paired with an understanding of the intensity of short sea logistics, guarantees a consistently high service level. To back up our vessels performance, we have well experienced and skilled chartering, operations, technical and vetting team who always strive to work towards the best logistic solution for your transport needs.

Having contracts with many oil majors and traders across North West Europe, the Gothia Tanker Alliance performs more than 2000 voyages and over 4000 port calls in a year, so it is fair to say that we have a good understanding and experience of the trade. As we strive for developing our and our clients’ business and transport needs best possible, we try to bring tailor made solutions to our customers, and we believe that through our market alliance we have the right tool for this.