• Gothia Tanker Alliance

    We are a network of established tanker operators offering high quality ships in different sizes to add value to your business.

An alliance that benefits you

Our network was formed to meet your transport demands. With the right sized quality tanker in the right position at the requested time we can tailor make a transport solution that meets your demands.  We have put together the best of what each of our unique brands represents to meet your transport requirements. By cooperating we can offer safe and dynamic transport solutions that are second to none through our leading network.

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Fleet list

Over 40 vessels in the size range 6,500-37,000 dwt. Take a look and see which one will fit your transport requirement best.

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“The alliance combines efficient and reliable tanker management with extended optionality to our existing service”

David Andersson, General Manager Furetank Chartering.

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Small Tankers (0-10’ dwt)

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Intermediate Tankers (10’-20’ dwt)

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