Leading the development towards sustainable shipping

In everything we do we have always had high focus on quality and resource efficiency, translating into modern environmental care. With our coastal and intermediate size high quality new-buildings we strive to help our clients grow their business by meeting and exceeding future environmental regulations today. The next generation climate smart product tankers are here, taking sustainable shipping to the next level.

Next generation intermediate product/chemical tankers with LNG/LBG propulsion

Furetank Rederi AB, Rederi AB Älvtank and Thun Tankers BV have taken delivery of eight intermediate size tankers at Avic Dingheng Shipbuilding Ltd. The vessels are built to a design, developed by FKAB together with Furetank with special focus on minimal impact on the environment, with close to 50 % reduction of CO2 emissions. The vessels fulfills the Tier III rules, have dual fuel/LNG/LBG propulsion including LNG/LBG in port consumption, LNG/LBG for Inert gas production, power production with floating frequency, battery backup (UPS) for all vital functions to minimize use of auxiliary engines, installed ballast water cleaning system, ice class 1A and Alternative Propulsion System.

Thun Tankers has taken delivery of five L-class tankers

Thun Tankers, part of the Gothia Tanker Alliance, has taken delivery of five 18,700 dwt IMO II product/chemical tankers that were built at the same shipyard as above mentioned fleet.

Read more about the fleet here:  L-class

Thun Intm 5 low res


E-class - Evolved design with focus on Efficiency and Environmental care

In addition to above intermediate tanker investment, Gothia Tanker Alliance partner Thun Tankers has also designed and taken delivery of four gas powered coastal tankers.

Read more about the fleet here: E-class

Unique ”NAABSA” design – Not Always Afloat But Safely Aground

Thun Tankers has also ordered two 4,250-deadweight product tankers with “NAABSA” design – “Not Always Afloat But Safely Aground” – being able to call tidal restricted niche ports. The first vessel, Thun Blyth, was recently delivered and the second one is expected in beginning of 2022.

Please read more here: NaabsaMAX