Member of the Gothia Tanker Alliance


About Furetank

Furetank is part of the strong family tradition of shipping on the small island of Donsö in Gothenburg southern archipelago. Since the 18th century the owner’s forefathers has been engaged in the maritime industry as captains and ship-owners. In 1954 Furetank got their first tanker vessel as a result of the global expansion of oil trade. The fleet grew and in the late 1980’s the whole family was engaged in building a modern quality vessel, setting the tone for the future with the vessel Furevik. They continuously strive towards being an industry leader with respect to environment and have close contact with research and educational institutes. Today Furetank has six owned vessels and commercial management of additional 12 vessels making them a partner to count on in the intermediate market.


  • Founded: 1954
  • Vessels in Gothia Tanker Alliance: 4+11 NB
  • Fleet size: 17,500 -17,900 dwt
  • Office location(s): Gothenburg (SE) & Holbaek (DK)