Joint quality work

Information sharing is key

Zero accidents – zero incidents via a joint quality work.

Within the Gothia Tanker Alliance, all partners have strong communication lines with each other concerning Health, Safety and Environmental issues. The partners have created a platform for  information sharing. This strengthens the knowledge and the use of best practice, which is key to success for both the individual partner and the alliance network.

The information sharing is based on the following; in case of incidents or high potential near misses, the lessons to learn are distributed among the partners. Quality issues related to new legislation are discussed in an early stage and actions for implementation are shared. Signals during on board inspections indicating unclear procedures are reviewed immediately. All partners have online access to an internal inspection database. Any non compliance on board a vessel is early found and quick actions are taken to prevent any repetition on board all partner vessels. With general key performance indicators partners are periodically benchmarking their quality performance to ensure compliance with similar and general approved targets.

The main purpose of the alliance  joint quality work is to always maintain and develop a high quality standard,  ensuring that all members in the alliance are strong reliable partners and the preferred transport solutions to all our customers.