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Thun Tankers

About Thun Tankers

Thun Tankers started as a company in November 2012, but the owner of Thun Tankers, Erik Thun AB, is by no means a newcomer in tanker industry. In 1952 the company obtained its first tanker and since then the company has used its experience to continuously develop and tailor make modern tankers based on its customers’ requirements. Over the years Erik Thun AB has grown to become a major player in the North European small tanker market. Today Thun Tankers operate 16 vessels in the small tanker segment and the commercial office is located in Gothenburg, Sweden.


  • Founded: 2012 (1952)
  • Vessels in Gothia Tanker Alliance: 20 + 8 NB
  • Fleet size: 4,250 - 18,700 dwt
  • Office location(s): Gothenburg (SE) & Farmsum (NL)